Yoann Boudou
Yoann BoudouFounder & CEO
Born in sweet France, professionally raised in entrepreneurial China & 100% thrilled to meet you !

Hi there !

Welcome to Supernova Innovation’s #FUNFACTories blog !

99% of the Startups fail…at least that’s what they say ! Creating hardware is indeed a long process and a myriad of different skills is needed to actually have a shot at succeeding in this industry. We feel you, we have been through the same process : you must come to Shenzhen to kickstart your Hardware Product Development or Sourcing Projet and we can help you speed up your time-to-market while avoiding common mistakes. We think that you should spend more time on Sales to maximize your success rate and we believe this can only be achieved if your Supply Chain works as a reliable backbone to your Business. That’s why we created Supernova Innovation.

Now, to make sure you are fully understanding what’s happening in chinese Factories, we have built a pool of resources (suppliers, distributors, investors), we have created crystal-clear processes delivered on easy tools and we also like to keep it visual by taking you straight to the Factories. We love interactions and as much as it is delightful to guide you through the do’s and don’ts when you are in China, it is also a pity that this link shall be broken while you are away so we keep it (a)live through this Blog !

We hope you will enjoy our content as much as we enjoy producing it & documenting our daily work in chinese Factories !